Back in Business as usual

I had a fantastic time cruising round the Eastern Mediterranean and got to see Ephesus, the Greek islands like Santorini, Croatia, and Montenegro. But the best part of the whole trip was travelling on the Venice-Simpleton Orient Express. Its like going back in time to 1929 when the carriages were built and the train was in its heyday. It was a hoot getting dressed for dinner in evening wear and the food is superb. It was great fun when we stopped in stations across Austria, Germany, and France, and all the other travelling public gawked at these lucky few dining in what is in reality a museum exhibit.

I had found that any of my mirrors or frames that included imagery of Venice, or alluded to that 1930’s age of elegance such as the Orient Express always attracted people, so of course now I am making all sorts of lovely mirrors as I was so inspired by my own trip on this gorgeous train and my time in Venice.

We are now back to work at the stall each Sunday and it was so nice to have been missed by some of my regular customers who had come looking for me while I was off gallivanting.

Next task is to create my space on Etsy so hopefully I will have that done soon…

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